mr eddie li

managing director

Studied fine art in London and graduated from Northeastern University and Boston Architectural Centre in Boston. He later got his contractor’s license (A & B) and became a builder in Los Angeles, California.  In 1989 Mr. Li  started his very own business – a luxury housing design and construction company.   

In year 1994, he became the first runner up in the design competition for the Shanghai Grand Theatre.  He moved to Shanghai in year 1997 and started Diva International and later Edifice with the mission to be the first choice in design and construction in  high-end luxury market.

Edifice (Shanghai) now employs around 50 employees with business spread throughout a few main, second tier cities in China and Southeast Asia. 

His entrepreneurial passion and enthusiasm have left a lasting impression on the company and all its relationships.    

With 25 years firsthand in luxury construction, Mr Li has strong market sense, attentive to detailed and he understands clients’ needs fully. His persistence in maintaining a small and nimble team has given edifice lots of advantages, namely, quick response to the evolving market demand, close and regular communication and personal touch. Presently, Mr Li continues to lead the strategic direction of edifice and drive the company to meet its mission. 

mr sebastien chua

senior project manager 

Sebastian Chua is from Malaysia. He graduated with a master degree in project management from the university of South Australia.

With more than 18 years experience within the interior contracting and retail decoration industry, Sebastian started his career in Malaysia, he moved to Australia and ultimately came to China. He previously worked at Kingsmen Shanghai, as well as Picsharping Display Articles, Cormark, and Haya Retail Construction, and handled some very impressive projects across China and Asia Pacific:









mr shane kao

project manager

Shane Kao was born in Taiwan. He lived in Singapore before he graduated with a Diploma of Interior Decoration and Design from the RMIT – Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology, Australia.

With a significant experience at Mandartech Shanghai and Mandartech Taipei, he contributed in opening over 150 stores in the Asia Pacific region.

His portfolio includes high end brands such as:

Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani